Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Courier Mail and the greatest hits

I had a small piece in the Taste section of The Courier Mail today and they were kind enough to put a link back to here. If by some strange reason you've typed it into a browser and you want to know a bit more about Lantanaland, well i'd start with last weeks State of the Union.

Then check out the cold smoker and the bacon that comes out of it.

Then there are the bees and shipping containers and mates helping out and a few small things.

Not to mention using Lantanaland for your holidays.

Also, I love food so much that there is a whole separate food blog where a whole bunch of degenerates help me write about food. Some of them are much better cooks than me .


  1. Hi Besso

    I just read the article in yesterday's CM. I'd love to hear more about your aquaponics system. I've heard a lot about this and would love to do it one day too.

  2. sure once i get a way to post my email without posting it i'll drop you a line