Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small Things

I love the big creative things for Lantanaland, I get fired up, get up with the roosters and charge off, full of ideas. However these small jobs, they just damn well accumulate.

Take my snake problem. I really needed to make a small snake proof pen to keep them safe while I totally redesign the main house and pen. All I want to do is pour my energy into that redesign, but I refuse to hatch or buy more Chooks until I know they're safe. So I bit the bullet last weekend and built a snake and fox proof fortress. Admitedly it looks like a roboticic six foot long catipiller crapped out a coccoon.

( while writing this I thought of a sweet idea to solve a design flaw and make it look better. If you've done any rendering or sculpture can you drop me a line on ?)

Where was I?

Oh yeah I have heaps of these jobs and if I don't just get them done I am going to have to write something and put it on the fridge. Something I fear and loath.

A job list.

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  1. Beezo - go get a copy of Linda Woodrow's Permaculture Home Garden out of the local library.
    In there you'll find the best design ever for a snake proof coop. It is a dome constructed out of ag pipe and chicken wire, with perches for the chooks to roost off the ground.
    We've got some pretty big pythons up here but they can't climb ho the inside of the dome without dropping off onto the ground. And foxes, even if they manage to get into the dome, cant jump up the meter hight of the perches from a standing start, so the chooks remain safe.

  2. Yeah i love that book, shes got some great ideas, its more using the wrong mesh and design.