Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mmmm bacon

After my eureka moment on the weekend the conversion of the washing machine has been surprisingly smooth. Normally I miss something in the planning stage, I probably need to do a few sketches instead of just imagining it in my head. I bought a few bits and bobs from Bunnings and scammed a few bits from my fantastic neighbor Eric. Eric has two whole shipping containers full of stuff, something I will only be able to aspire to if I can keep it out of eyesight of The Wife, who is not that fond of clutter, for some strange reason.

Then it was just two days of cutting and riveting, plus a few of my favorite hardware item, the mighty zip tie. A bit of the chipped gum trees and some herbs (bay, rosemary and lemongrass for all you suspicious bastards out there) and I was away. I'll try leaving it in the smoke for about two days. It'll be a bit of trial and error at first, but then it will rain bacon, smoked tomatoes and chilli, salmon and ham.

Lantanaland smokin from the iPhone


  1. Ah bees, you are an entrepaneaur! I think it may be time for Katie and I to come down for a weekend of Lantanaland relaxation... and some smoked bacon!

  2. want to be quick this lots gonna go!