Monday, January 5, 2009

New arrivals

Got a pleasant surprise when I got home today. My guineafowl eggs which I bought and had posted to me have hatched and at first glance I have had a better than 50% strike rate.

That's a pretty good strike rate and I'm keen to use more fertile eggs because I've lost a few good chooks and ducks this year to various foxes and snakes. This way I have a bit more margin for attrition. It also utilizes my silkies, they are great mums, but pretty useless as egg layers.

Guineafowl are great permaculture birds, they'll have a crack at a snake, will forage for insects and love eating ticks, which lantanaland can provide by the bucket.

So all in all I'm excited by their arrival.

Lantanaland from the iPhone

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