Monday, January 19, 2009

Clone high

Flinty writing about the cult comic "the tick" got me thinking how much I love the net for ferreting out this sort of stuff.

It's not like you can wait for channel 9 to put this sort of stuff on, as far as I know even foxtel shunned a little gem called clone high. It was a modern day high school with cloned historical figures, Cleopatra, JFK, Ghandi, Joan of Arc. Absolute genius and of course it was cancelled after one season.

Another gem I've just discovered is Robot Chicken. The star wars parodys are just pure gold and someone like the abc should be picking it up for a short break between spicks and specks and the gruen transfer. Unfortunately it's American so there is little chance of that......

Lantanaland from the iPhone

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  1. robot chicken is great. favs are hell freezing over and the darkest sketch ever on television. OH and the backstory of the guy that get his hand cut off by obiwan in the cantina and the unicorn story and...