Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Four meats in one day

Had a cracker of a day. Up early so I could get all my calls done so I could make it to lunch with all the burgers and my mate Ryano.

Started with the buffalo wings, then progressed to the rib platters. It was a tasty meaty lunch, the high point being Girlclumsy reading parts of "swank" magazine in her beautifully modulated newsreader voice. From memory. Wow, The Wah is a lucky man.

After that I picked up a few loaner books (thanks mate!) and did a bit more books before hitting the gym for some boxing to burn off at least the buffalo wings. I then resisted the urge to have some salad for dinner and completed the day with some tasty lamb.

But now I am very tired and can't decide which book to start.

Lantanaland from the iPhone


  1. Wicked, wish ta christ i coulda been there...BASTARDS

  2. Everyone had iPhones! Except me, with my daggy Samsung. ;)

    Man, that was a lot of meat. Great lunch though. Didn't realise the "Swank" readings made such an impact. Maybe I should try them on the radio - I'm sure I could get a few paragraphs out before being shut down and fined by the Communications Authority. ;)

    'Til next time!

  3. Did you go for the really hot wings or the mid strength ones?

  4. Damn you Australians and your casual socializing.

  5. Hey the video aint too bad on that thing.

    Mind you the thought of all that meat would have had my hand shaking with anticipation.

  6. Thanks for the video, quality is very good but it's still going to be a cold day before I buy an iPhone.

  7. That was in not that good light too, have a read of the next post. Taking video and pics is ok, but it's what you can do next that counts