Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back baby

Been a bloody busy time. The folks dropped in on their way home from their South Australia fishing pilgrimage. Allen had always wanted a decent crack at the King George whiting and from the sounds of it, they'll be back again they had so much fun. It was good to catch them and Mum got to participate in The Wifes special facebook program, How to Edit a Whole Trips Worth of Photos into One Facebook Album in 12 easy steps.

The Wife is a master of trimming photos so you get a tight cohesive story and they worked 500 odd photos into 60. We then had a nice trip up the mountain, caught up with an old mate and had lunch at the Mt Tambourine botanical gardens. Highlight of the day was the honey mayo made with duck egg and Lantanaland Gold honey. Mmmmmm.

Of course the weekend was finished off nicely by me getting swine flu. I mean I eat heaps of bacon sandwiches, so that must have been what I had. Tuesday I stacked on the sudafed to go out to dinner with my mate Ryan, to celebrate winning an international series. He was on one arm though, because he had shoulder surgery three days after playing!

I've stocked up on chickens now that I seem to be snake proof. Anconas, Barnvelders, Welsummers and Malay Game round out my Chooks stocks, for now. The Wifes accusation that I have compulsive poultry purchase disorder are completely groundless.

I mean 34 is not that many, is it?

Lantanaland from the iPhone


  1. 36 poultry actually (someone's lost count!) and none to be eaten. That's how many eggs a day we two (+ The Second Wife - Ryanna) will have to eat? - The Wife

  2. now if you can cook 'em KFC style I'll be there in a flash.

  3. i can actually, but even tastier

  4. Tell me if any of the hens lay white coloured eggs? I'm interested in white egg shells for artist reasons, but have only ever seen brown ones around Brisbane. I've found plenty here in Sweden - but I don't think that Aussie customs will be too happy if I try and bring them back home; even if I did get the logistics sorted. I'll visit and buy some eggs off you if you can help :-) ... K-A

  5. The anconas should. If i can find a breed that is renowned for white eggs i'll get some!

  6. No more chucking fickens Beeso - The Wife

  7. 36 chickens? Well... I guess it depends on how big your land is.... You really do need to pay attention to your wife though. Happy wife = happy life.

  8. The apparent link:
    "In general, chicken breeds with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs."