Monday, May 25, 2009

Do the British have this over us

Being in the car 90% of my working day, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Sport, design, music, tech and comedy. Comedy. Why can't we get a decent show on radio or podcast in oz. The Brits have fantastic stuff like the news quiz, The Now Show and the sadly gone Im Sorry I Haven't a Clue. We have comediens on breakfast or drive radio.

That's cool I guess but where is the equivelent of The Daily Show or The Glasshouse or even The Chaser doing something on radio. I downloaded some comedy hour the ABC did last year and it was, well, woefull. University revues would have been embaressed.

Considering we can crank out Summer Heights High and The Hollowmen, there is no excuse. Cmon oz, make me laugh.

Lantanaland from the iPhone


  1. ArGHGH! Just wrote you a massive post, and it wouldn't go through.


    Now was that a challenge for me to find you good podcast comedy, or make some?

    I would like to investigate a podcast kit, but then I'm not sure who would want to listen to me ramble on. ;)

  2. i'm a bit impressed with the podbooks on Amateur stuff mostly so you have to be careful
    unfortunately American though
    some good ones i found through there
    "Playing for keeps" by mur lafferty
    "7th son" by JC hutchins
    "secret world chronicle"
    possibly the best but a bit short (the others will probably give you 7-10 hours)
    " A different point of View" which is a series of podcasts from a disgruntled stormtrooper out to correct the "official" view of Jedi's.
    they all have great production values and are worth a look

  3. Podcasting can be really easy, i can point you in the right direction on a few things if you want tech stuff. I'd really like a well produced radio show with great satire and i reckon you're the one to produce it GC!

  4. Beeso, UK radio is shit! Don't know where you find this British comedy?

  5. We Brits have the edge when it comes to telly and radio. Journalists are household names in Old Blighty, because people are actualy interested and listening to radio and watching the best telly in the world is a way of life. I have some nice friends in Oz but I doubt I could have a conversation with any of them about the ABC Radio National's Richard Adey because nobody would know who he was. Jessica, try BBC Radio 4 on the web. If you can't find something to interest you there, see a doctor, as you are brain dead.