Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beeso's top 50 albums 40-31. The wonder years.

While Dr Yobbo mocks me by doing yet another large post I will chip away at my list, mainly because I'm not quite sure of the ordering of the final 40. I think I'll start with a bit of nostalgia.

No 40. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins
There are a few bands that could've filled this spot. Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, but not Pearl Jam, oh no, never, ever Pearl Jam. This one holds up the best for me. I still can sit down and listen to the whole album without feeling like I need to buy an $18 bottle of scotch and sit in a squalid share house to enjoy it.

No 39. Elephant - The White Stripes
I love these guys, so stripped back and raw. The kick drum alone is enough to warrant owning this.

No. 38 Chutes too Narrow - The Shins
Beautiful layered lush rock pop. If all rock pop was this good I'd take up poetry and give up sport and become a floppy boy.

No 37. Stoned and Dethroned - The Jesus and Mary Chain
I loved this little quirky album so much I bought the rest of their catalogue one day and was massively surprised to find out that they normally played fuzzed out guitar rock. I'm glad that they did this for whatever reason, because it's such a sweet gem.

No 36. Alright Still - Lily Allen

No 35. Sea change - Beck
If you were a fan of Odelay than you'd be mighty surprised to find Beck writing sad assed country songs. Bloody good at them though.

No 34. In the Nude - Pornland
Great, great fun, it pretty much is all summed up in the name of the band. Big band, big sound, orgasms a plenty.

No 33. An Elefant Never Forgets - The Herd
One of the two albums I think really broke Australian hip hop into the mainstream. This might not have been to everyones taste because of the politics, but at least they had something to say and they said it forcefully, getting notoriety for getting the C bomb on national radio.

No 32. Felt Mountain - Goldfrapp
I really struggled to pick which Goldfrapp album I liked the best but I feel that this one just captures that ethereal quality that I love about her voice the best.

No 31. Orchid for the Afterworld - Sonic Animation
A fantastic dance band and a fantastic album, I always rated them much higher than the Avalanches who were around about the same time. Another album that got a thrashing in the share house living. The Presets might have listened to this one a thousand times or so.

That's it. Deciding who gets in the middle third will be hard, I mean no one really loves the middle child as much right?

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  1. I thought this was meant to be a no soundtracks list? Sonic Animation surely stacks up as a soundtrack... to many dodgy parties where twee kiddies are "experimenting" with those curious little smiley-face pills. Puh-lease...

    Curious to see how far up the list Coldplay gets.

  2. I know what you mean about the parties, but I still like listening to the album, one of my loose internal criteria for inclusion.

    And this is my list, not The Wife's so if coldplay aren't in yet I wouldn't be holding your breath. Are you just tetchy cause I had a pop at Pearl Jam?

  3. Not at all. I'm quite comfortable with my 20 year association with that band.

    Just trying to get a bit of debate going over these lists...

  4. IT'S ALL SHIT!!!!

    Sorry I'm not good at nuanced debate.

    ALD - are they happy with their association with you though?

    Lily Allen... the mere fact you know you need to apologise for it means you know it shouldn't be here. We'll take that as read and move on.

  5. I knew this ten and the last ten would be the most mock worthy.

  6. But Doc, do you rate her songs? Or have you never given her the time of day?