Thursday, January 19, 2012

Competitive Reading

I find that I don't read anywhere near enough, that I need a kick to get started into books. I spend too much time on what I call light immersion, the net, twitter, Facebook, bit of TV. Not enough time writing or reading.

Maybe I just need that touch of competitiveness to it. In my first year in high school, my awesome English teacher was talking to me about reading while we set up a record of what books we had read in the back of our workbooks. I tried to show indifference even though I loved reading. I did mention that I read quickly and in a flash he had summed up a young boy who loved sports. Put it to me as a challenge. "I bet you can't read 50 books this year!"
"50?! I'll smash that easy Sir" I proclaimed.

So despite doing athletics and cricket (badly) I hit the books, hard. He fueled the fire, suggesting authors to me and by the end of the year I had read 135 books. I think he was a little shocked but probably chuffed that he had suckered a kid into being addicted to books.

It was with interest this morning that I saw on Facebook that one of the Herdsharers, Tony, was trying to read 52 novels this year. I saw an opportunity to get myself to read a bit more, to immerse myself again, so I threw out a challenge to him. Whoever can read the most books in a year, new ones, gets a novel of their choosing from the other. Sounds like great fun.

Tony has a bit of a head start on me but I have a few queued up that I have been time wasting on the net and not reading. 2 of Birmos books, a crime novel and the new Game of Thrones which I read two pages of, then got distracted by something shiny.

I wonder if he'll let me count reading books at bedtime to Curtis.


  1. I love this. I love that there was a teacher who helped strike that fire in you to read (even if it was competition, but hey, I'm pretty competitive too). I love that you wrote this post on an iPhone standing up with a baby in the Bjorn. I love reading. Nice one, beeso.

  2. Go to - social network around books and it keeps track of how your travelling against your target.

  3. If you like Sci Fi or Fantasy I'm happy to provide suggestions.

  4. Both mate. Am on Dervish House and the new GOT and finding both hard to get into