Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raw deal

This morning I had a whole bunch of twitter links about the fate of raw milk cheese and the slow food movements fight to protect the diversity of our cheese types. As the world grows smaller and more and more traditional cheeses are lost I think that raw milk cheese is worth fighting a bit for.

The fact is, that a small minority will want or seek out raw milk cheese if it was legal in Australia. There is no way FSNZA would just let cheese makers go at it, it would be regulated and tested within an inch of it's life, which means it would be more expensive. But we should have the choice.

Consider this. I'd only have to walk or drive for 5 minutes to buy something that is guaranteed, proven, peer reviewed, without a doubt to kill you, cigarettes, yet no government or government department would dare dream of banning them.

The links are here,here and here. Most people will keep buying the standard brie at woolies and I'll keep making my completely random, raw milk cheese at home. But it'd be nice, if you wanted to try the cheese in my world, you could.

Made by someone who knows what they are doing of course.

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  1. You'll eat Kraft Singles and you'll like it, you commie pinko.

  2. You know the mob on Bruny Island have got permission to do raw milk cheese these days, don't you? It's brilliant.

  3. Kraft singles aren't cheese, they come out of the same factory as Lego.

    I knew Bruny was doing a raw milk cheese, but thought it was one that had a heat treatment in the process. That was the only way FSNZA would let it through.

  4. Yes, that is right. Everyone has permission in a sense - he is just abiding by the existing rules: Curd has to be cooked to a minimum 48 degrees, cheese must have a maximum moisture content of 34%, and must be aged for 120 days (off the top of my head)
    (Nice post by the way)