Monday, December 27, 2010


This time of the year is crazy busy, but considering I am doing this blog on the Flinthart model, as a record for my future kids to read, I have been amazingly lax at chronicling all the stuff on the farm.

For one we have been finally rebuilding the deck, much to regular visitors relief. It has really changed the feel of the house, making it look a bit higher and bigger. Work has ground to a halt, because Queensland seems to be experiencing a spot of rain. I can't remember ever having such a sustained period of wet weather. I love the rain, means more grass for the cows and more growth generally, but we are escaping the big wet for sunnier and warmer climes. Tasmania.

When we get there I will be hanging my head in shame as I screwed up the car booking so now we are reliant on the good will of our great mates Dave and Marj. They are doing a road trip to come and get us and it means my highly anticipated visit to Casa De Flinthart is postponed to the end of the trip.

Oh well, some good food and wine and more food should cure my stupidity. That's if we ever leave Brisbane. The rain seems to me diverting and delaying flights. At this rate the room I just booked will be obsolete.

- Lantanaland from my iPad.

Location:Brisbane airport

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  1. Beeso: bummer about the car thing, comrade. But it coulda happened to anybody.

    Keep in touch. Things are currently not so terrifyingly busy here that I can't make a trip out to be helpful. Meantime, enjoy Tasmania. It's a nifty sort of place. Bear in mind, though, that most Tasmanians don't know what they've got.

    They tend to take stuff here for granted. Example? Scallops. Friggin' brilliant scallops. And they make scallop pies, curried scallops, and breaded deep-fried scallops: three recipes guaranteed to make scallop-eating a very ordinary experience.

    Hmm. While I think of it, see if you can get around to Mr Wooby's restaurant in Salamanca, and dive into the oysters. Really, really good oysters.

    Current foodie thinking suggests the Tassie oysters actually may edge out the best of Sydney Rock oysters for quality. I certainly think so.