Sunday, April 18, 2010

Herd Share II

Ok people, time to commit. I have an offer in for a little herd of Jersey cows, one is milking now, but I need to semi commit to them by Monday night.

The lady selling them want to sell them as a group, she has heaps of offers for the individuals but none for the group so please leave me feedback so I can contact you if you are keen to get involved. Raw milk, raw milk cheese, butter, cream, milk, meat.

I'm hungry already.

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  1. Hey Beeso,

    Semi-interested, but how much to invest and any ongoing fees?


  2. Beeso, still interested but will echo Rosie's question as to the dosh needed for this adventure (is there an extra charge for naming rights?)


  3. Beeso I'm all in for Dolores but the million $$$ is how much? i just bought ₤966 return flights home eeekkk!

  4. Ok here is the deal that I reckon is fair for all. $100 up front. I then give you product "free" until we get to that $100 point. After that you pay management fees to cover feed, vets bills and fencing. With light stocking I'm hoping to never pay for much feed other than a daily bucket for vitamins or minerals. If someone else wants to buy in then I take their $100 and redristribute that out to everyone else. Or back to fences etc. I could be getting between 40 and 50L of milk a day, so there will be no need to ration. If you can't get here to get milk I will deliver or arange brisbane or gold coast pick up of butter, cheese and yoghurt as desired.

    Meat. If we kill a steer, then you pay wholesale price per Kg for meat. I will make whatever snags you desire and beef stock as well. We work out by email who wants what cuts.

    Any questions email me at

  5. John,
    Put Maree and I in for $100. We don't want the milk, etc due to location. Can work out something at a later date. Might be able to help with stock questions also in the future.

  6. Count me in for the $100 - hmmm anything going to make it to the UK? Probably not! SO my dibs on the name Dolores for the old girl that never gets eaten ;)
    Need to get myself back to Switzerland to buy a cow bell hehehe
    Let me know your bank details
    YAY for Lantanaland