Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lesbian weed

Back in the dim, distant, sharehousing past, we came across the odd joint that we termed "lesbian weed". You'd take a toke- nothing, until half an hour later you'd be drooling on the couch, fucked without knowing it.

Well here in NZ I've found the insect equivelent. Back home in Gladstone I grew up around Curtis island, a mangrove heaven for these tiny annoying sandflies. I saw other people itch and scratch and generally go insane from the little bastards, but I was pretty much immune.

Down here the sandies are bigger and slower. They are amusing with their light sting and the way you can squash ten at a time. But the little buggers are fighting a longer war. With each passing day the bite gets itchier and redder, inflamed, declaring that while you got me and my uncle and aunt and 19 cousins i'm going to let you feel the pain all week.

Lesbian sandflies of NZ, I'll be glad to leave you behind.

Lantanaland from the iPhone

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